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January 8, 2013

Fuel Insights has been built on the experience of more than twenty years of consumer research—from start-ups to large multi-nationals and all types of companies in between. 

Fuel is owned by two partners with deep experience in design, research, brand strategy, advertising, and marketing for a wide range of clients, and is supported by a brilliant team of developers and programmers with world-class experience. 

What separates Fuel from other research companies is the focus on the user experience, which is at the center of the Fuel Insights process, rather than a complicated, technical approach. “My goal was to create a suite of very powerful research tools that are extremely easy to use, that could become a primary tool for agencies* as well as a corporations.” said Doug Sapp, President of Fuel Insights.

A few things you’ll find inside when you set-up your free Fuel Insights account:

  • Fuel Insights is a “white label” solution that allows you to promote your brand or your client’s brand when you conduct research
  • A suite of tools rather than a single choice, including a User Experience tool, Survey engine, and a Card Sort tool . . . new options are also continually being developed
  • True "Drag-and-Drop” functionality for any of the research options
  • The option to easily apply "Logic" to any step in the research process
  • A responsive platform: research that can be conducted on a Smart Phone, Tablet or PC all with the same level of ease

We believe that Fuel Insights represents the next step in the evolution of online research options. Sign-up for your free account today and begin experiencing the power of Fuel Insights for company.

*Agencies: an all-inclusive word for:
Research Firms, Product Designers, Brand Strategy Firms, Packaging Designers, Web Designers, Retail Designers or Advertising Agencies.