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Fuel Insights: B2C


Fuel Insights | Sample Programs

A brief overview of just a few of the research projects we have been fortunate to be involved with over the past year or so:

Shopper Research | B2C

Multi-Method research with grocery shoppers in the USA (qual) Journal Study, Shop Alongs, IDIs, and a national survey of 1,500 people (quant) to understand what changes or opportunities might be needed for an area in the grocery store.

Voice of the Consumer | B2C

New product introduction research with N400 DIY’ers [Homeowners], 400 Outdoor Enthusiasts, included gender and ‘children living at home’ demo splits for a new product - completed in 36 hours

Creative Testing | B2C

Messaging and creative testing with N400 Homeowners in CA, completed in 36 hours

Voice of the Consumer | B2C

New service concept research with N200 people in the Eastern USA who DO NOT have health insurance, work completed in 24 hours.

Millennials | B2C

Research with people ages 25-33 for a broad scope research project, project completed in less than 24 hours

People with MS and Care Managers | B2C

Research with participants that are in treatment for MS and their care givers, launch to completion in 16 hours.

Public Transportation Survey | B2C

Research conducted with central Ohio residents that are familiar with public transportation, 200 that have never utilized public transportation, 200 that use public transportation, project completed in 4 days

Millennials | B2C

Recruitment of N200 people ages 25-33 for a broad scope research project, project completed in less than 24 hours

Homeowners with Pets | B2C

Research with 300 homeowners that have dogs that stay primarily in the house for a new consumer product - completed in 60 hours

Apartment Renters | B2C

Research with 400 participants that rent an apartment in major metropolitan areas on the East Coast to understand their opinions of a new furniture concept, completed in 48 hours

Coffee Drinkers | B2C

Qualitative research (online) with N100 homeowners that have single-serve coffee makers - completed in 30 hours

Hospital System | B2C

Research with Hispanics that are familiar with a hospital chain in South Florida with incomes over $100k | N400 completed in 4 days

For more information on any of these case studies or to request a demo please use this form, we will contact you shortly.