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Fuel Insights: Consumers


Fuel Insights | Consumer Programs

A brief overview of just a few of the consumer-based research projects we have been fortunate to be involved with over the past year or so:

Shopper Research

Multi-Method research with grocery shoppers in the USA (qual) Journal Study, Shop Alongs, IDIs, and a national survey of 1,500 people (quant) to understand what changes or opportunities might be needed for an area in the grocery store.

Voice of the Consumer

New product introduction research with N400 DIY’ers [Homeowners], 400 Outdoor Enthusiasts, included gender and ‘children living at home’ demo splits for a new product and packaging concept evaluation – our work completed in ~48 hours.


Online research with 400 homeowners of varying income levels in California to test messaging and advertising concepts, our work completed in ~36 hours.

Voice of the Consumer

New service concept research with 200 people in the Eastern USA who do not have health insurance, our work included the recruitment of the participants along with online research, we completed in 24 hours.

Pet Parents

Research with 300 homeowners that have dogs that stay primarily in the house for a new consumer product, our work included recruitment of these pet parents from various regions in the USA, we completed our work in ~36 hours.

Apartment Renters

Recruitment of apartment renters and online research with 400 participants that rent an apartment in major metropolitan areas on the East Coast to understand their opinions of a new furniture concept, we completed in under 48 hours.

Coffee Drinkers

Qualitative research (online) with N100 homeowners that have single-serve coffee makers including asking for photos of their kitchens, their coffee set-up and other in-home images, our work completed in ~30 hours.

Public Transportation Survey

Research conducted with central Ohio residents that are familiar with public transportation, 200 that have never utilized public transportation, 200 that use public transportation, project completed in 4 days


Mixed methodology research program with Millennials in the center of the USA. Our work included recruitment of participants, 1:1 Zoom interviews and an online research component with hundreds of people ages 25-33, this complicated project completed in around ~2 weeks.

For more information on any of these case studies or to request a demo please use this form, we will contact you shortly.