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Fuel Insights: Patients


Fuel Insights | Patient Based Research Projects | Overview

The following are only a handful of the hundreds of patient-based research programs we have worked on over the past ten years.

Millennials – recruitment of 100 people ages 25-33 and online research conducted on behalf of an agency for a product naming project, our work was completed in ~24 hours.

Patients suffering with chronic pain – online research with 100 patients that are familiar with spinal cord stimulation to address a chronic pain issue, this project completed in less than 36 hours.

1:1 interview with cancer caregiver(s) – In Depth Interviews with cancer patient caregivers conducted in-situ with wife of a rare form of cancer patient and her family. We documented the interviews and her journey to help physicians understand the perspective of the caregivers.

People with knee pain – recruitment of patients diagnosed with moderate to severe knee pain for an online research program, our work was started and completed in ~48 hours.

Men with Low T– recruitment of and research with men seeking treatment for Low Testosterone, our work completed in 4 days.

People with COPD – recruitment of patients and research with 100 participants that are currently in treatment for COPD on behalf of an advertising agency to conduct messaging and image testing, the project completed in 4 days.

People with MS and Care Managers – recruitment of patients that are in treatment for MS along with their nurses and care givers, from launch to completion our research work was completed in under 24 hours.

Patients with severe acne – 400 people age 18-25 recruited and completed in a mass-qual online research program that we completed in ~36 hours.

Hispanic cancer patients – recruitment of Hispanic people in South Florida that have been diagnosed with cancer and are in treatment with a specific income requirement, our work completed in ~10 days.

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